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Special features of Aria:

Some of the special features found at Aria, (besides the unparalleled privacy and spectacular view):

Air Conditioning - Aria has two 10,000+ btu air conditioners to keep you cool.  The upstairs master bedroom and great room share one of the units, and the downstairs master bedroom is outfitted with the other.  There is plenty of capacity to cool all areas, with the exception of the showers which are screened, but have outside openings.

Aria is screened throughout.  If you are considering another villa, read the fine print carefully to insure that this is the case!

Internet Access  - Aria offers broadband access to the internet to WIFI equipped computers, as well as providing an ethernet connection on the main level, for laptops without WIFI.

Stereo CD/DVD/VCR/TV/Cable - The entertainment center at Aria includes facilities for playing CDs, DVDs, VCR Tapes, Cable TV as well as controls for switchable speakers in each bedroom, and the great room!  There are dozens (75+) music CDs and dozens of movie DVDs in the library for guest use.

Aria has a fully equipped kitchen including a dishwasher, blender, coffee maker, toaster, microwave, gas stove, a full array of cooking utensils, pots, pans and special items, down to a garlic press, lemon squeezer, etc...

Backup Power – St. John is a small island in the Caribbean island chain. Life is beautiful most of the time, however, very occasionally, the local power company has interruptions in service due to weather conditions which impact their generating capacity or other equipment failures.  - With this in mind, Aria is equipped with a large battery array (36 x 800 Amp Hour electric submarine batteries, at the time of this writing) and a 4,000 watt inverter to provide power to lights, refrigeration, entertainment, water, fans, etc, even during power outages.  Some items, such as the dishwasher, dryer, pool pump and hot tub are disabled during a power outage to provide longer coverage to the more 'critical' services.

Generator - For situations when the power is out for long periods of time, Aria is equipped with a US Government Surplus Diesel Generator.  This is usually only needed after a hurricane, or when power outages last for loooong periods of time. As of this writing we have never encountered a time when the generator was required while Aria was rented to vacationing guests!

Washer/Dryer – Guests have access to a HE (High Effiency) High RPM washing machine and dryer.

Aria has a filtered water system -  The whole house supply runs through two filters: a spun polyester filter, and a charcoal filter.  In addition, there is a separate drinking tap at the kitchen sink which has two additional filters - a 5 micron and a one half micron filter (which is rated to filter out even the tiniest spores and bacteria!).  We personally drink the water from this tap whenever we are staying at Aria.  For those of our guests who might be concerned, bottled water is readily available at the local grocery stores on the island.

The Hot Tub at Aria is a high effiency unit with heat supplied by the waste heat from the circulating motor - This means it is always hot (if it has been left on to heat up!).  It is equiped with a bromine feeder for water treatment.

Pool - The masonry pool at Aria is deep enough (about 8 feet) to tread water in the deep end!  This was a must for us and is virtually unheard of in most rental villas on the island where the maximum depth is generally around 4 feet.  In addition, it is purified with a Nature2 (tm) purification system, AND a commercial ozone generator, in order to lessen the amount of pool chlorine needed, to allow even sensitive skin (and Maria has very sensitive skin) to enjoy swimming in the pool!  

Storage (Owners) – Aria is equipped with several hundred sq ft. of  deep storage - This provides for storage of all manner of backup supplies, such as spare dvd/vcr players, toasters, blenders, pots, pans, paper goods, etc.  Guests are rarely without some 'critical' item necessary for the enjoyment of their vacation!

Hurricane Protection - Hurricanes do occasionally happen and no house is hurricane-proof.  Aria is hurricane resistant, however, being constructed with concrete walls, concrete decks, concrete (insulated) roof - even concrete gutters!  Every window (and outside sliding door) in Aria has a hurricane shutter which can be put on prior to a hurricane.  The wooden double front door has a 5 point locking system to insure security.  The sliding doors also have custom designed bracing to protect against wind pressure (as the shutters only protect against windborne debris!)

Solar Hot Water - The house has a generous solar hot water system, which is also backed up by electricity, so even if the sun doesn't come out for a few days (very, very rare!), there should be plenty of hot water for guest use.


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