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Aria Questions and Answers

Is there telephone service at Aria?
At the time of this writing, Aria is equipped with two phone lines (and 5 or 6 phones...) - the main number is 340 776 2905.  We also have a dedicated fax number 340 693 5011.   Having two lines helps if one goes down due to weather, or phone company issues.  We do NOT have long distance service on the main number, so take a calling card, or you can use 1 800 COLLECT, to call.  We also have the 800 numbers for Sprint and MCI in a guest information book at the house.  Local calls in the USVI need only seven digits for dialing (no area code required) - unlike some parts of the US, where the area code is necessary...

Is the House fully screened?
The house is fully screened - If you close screen doors after you, there will be fewer flying critters (particularly at night) that are drawn to the light.  (A "Local Tip" - We even close the screen doors if we are going to close the glass door - that way, when you DO open the glass door, there isn't a collection of creatures clinging to the glass, on the INSIDE of the screen sliding doors that can fly into the house!)
Does the House have Air Conditioning?
Aria has two 10,000 btu AC units, one for each level - Please shut all outside doors and windows when using the air conditioners!  The downstairs shower has a vent window above the sliding door - please shut it when using the downstairs A/C, and leave it open otherwise - to allow ventilation in the downstairs.  The upstairs A/C will cool the entire upstairs, if the upstairs interior doors are left open.  A wall switch (labeled) below each A/C unit turns the unit on and off - the temperature is set on the A/C unit.
Why does the Hot Tub stay hot all the time?
The hot tub is a 'high efficiency' hot tub, that uses waste heat from the circulating pump to warm the water.  While it makes the tub extremely efficient, it also means that it takes a while to warm up the tub if it's been 'off' for a while.  We leave the tub 'on' to provide circulation to keep the water filtered, and to keep it ready for use by you (should you want to jump in at a moments notice!)

Why does the Dishwasher not work during an island-wide Power Outage?
We have had guests call to report that the dishwasher is not working.  If we get the call when it's dark on St. John, we ask them to look out toward Coral Bay, and to see if there are any lights on...  They usually report that it's dark!  Aria has a whole-house backup system that keeps almost everything 'up' during a power outage.  A few items (such as the dishwasher, pool and hot tub, ac, etc.) are automatically 'shed' from the load, in order to provide longer 'run-time' for the water pump, lights, fans, stereo, refrigerator, etc...  When the power comes back on, the  items  that were 'shed' will automatically start functioning.  There is a 'tell-tale' light by the front door that indicates when the power company is providing power to the house.  If it goes out, it usually means the power company is temporarily unable to provide power to the island.  Sometimes, this means the cable will be 'out' temporarily, as the St. John cable company isn't getting power either!!

Why do you have a limitation on the age of children staying?
We pay particular attention to detail at Aria, and feel that older children may be more respectful of their surroundings than young children.  For this reason, we limit the age of children staying at Aria to 12 and above.  We realize that there are some very mature younger children, and some less mature older children, but, we had to draw the line somewhere.

Do you allow smoking in the house?
We appreciate guests NOT smoking inside the house.  You are welcome to smoke outside on one of three decks, however, we do have guests with allergies to smoke, and would like to insure that the house stays smoke free.  Thank you for your consideration!

Do we need to lock the house when we go out for the day, or at night?
At the time of writing this, we have never had a problem with theft at Aria - that being said, we DO recommend locking the house when going out for the day (and closing windows to a crack) - Insurance companies will not pay against a theft or vandalism claim, unless the house is locked! It's a good idea to lock up a night, to avoid a door sliding open, or swinging open, and a stray local animal wandering into the house (like a donkey or goat!) - it has happened!!

Why do you have a Gate?
Aria is behind a private gate, shared with two neighbors - It is primarily to keep donkeys and goats from eating the landscaping, and braying next to the window, which can be startling, particularly at night!! - The gate will close automatically after 1.5 minutes of being opened (you need a code or a 'clicker' to open the gate), but we recommend closing it after passing through to minimize the chance of a goat or donkey getting through.  The gate also minimizes 'lost' tourists who might be exploring St. John, disturbing your very private vacation at Aria!

What happens in the event of a hurricane?
Even though Aria is built to be a defensive location during a hurricane, ALL guests will required to either leave the island, or seek shelter in a public hurricane shelter.  The good news is that hurricanes are very infrequent, and are rarely a problem, even during the peak of hurricane season (Late August, September, and early October)

Can I connect my iPod to the House Stereo?
The stereo at Aria (currently) has an auxiliary input jack to allow iPod (or Zune or ??) users to plug in their device to play their favorite music - (bring your own patch cable - (terminating in a standard stereo 3.5 mm jack), as there are a variety of iPods and MP3 players with non-standard connectors!)

Can I turn off the hot tub at night?
We have been asked if it is possible to turn off the hot tub, as it is outside the lower bedroom, and for very light sleepers, if it needs to warm the tub in the middle of the night (it's a 'hot all the time' tub), the pump might be loud enough to wake one up.  The answer is Yes - just inside the hot tub access door, there is an on-off switch - If you leave it off for a long time, it may take a long time to warm back up...  We recommend turning it back on in plenty of time to warm back up, if you (or the next guest) want to use it!

Do I need to bring my own beach towels on my vacation?
Aria has beach towels and pool towels for guests (we recommend keeping them separate, to minimize sand when drying off from the pool!)   Please remember to leave them at the house on your departure.  Bath towels and bed linens are also provided at Aria.

Do you have anything to use to float on, while in the pool?
We have a good supply of (4 or 6?) 'noodles' - foam tubes - that are great to use to float around the pool.  You might work on perfecting the technique of floating with 2 or 3 noodles (sitting on one or two, and using one high across the front, under the arms, while holding a book reading.)

Is there a cooler to use to take snacks or food to the beach?
There is a cooler for guest use that's the perfect size for taking snacks or lunch to the beach - it's bigger than a 'six pack' cooler, and smaller than a large two handled cooler.  In addition, there are ice packs in the freezer that you can use to keep food cold in the cooler.

If you have a question that isn't asked/answered here, please contact us, and we will be happy to attempt to answer your question(s)!


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