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Aria Guest Orientation Information

When guests arrive at Aria, they will be given a brief orientation.

This orientation includes a walk-through of Aria, pointing out special features, tips that will make your stay more enjoyable, the location of information handbooks about the house and guides about St. John, as well suggestions as to beaches, dining, shopping, and local information.  Any questions you may have will be answered!  

You will be asked to read the following information (you can get a sneak preview below!)

Important Notes for Guests - Please Read Carefully!  Thank you.

• We rely on water from the sky, please conserve water.

• The showers take 1 or 2 minutes to warm up.  Please warm up on FULL HOT - (This conserves water).

• The Hot Water comes primarily from the sun - if you run out, more will be available the next day...

• The Washer & Dryer are for your use, but please set the appropriate sized load to conserve water. Please read the directions on the wall behind the washer and dryer (or in the Aria Appliance Book) before use - Use H.E. (high efficiency) detergent only.

• Please turn off the hose at the outside faucet, not at the nozzle.  If a hose or nozzle springs a leak it can drain a cistern in a very short period of time...

• Please cover the pool when not in use (this keeps the pool warm, conserves water & keeps algae down (= less chemicals)) –  The bubble side goes down.

• Be Careful of Sunburn - You are in the Tropics and the Sun has less atmosphere to go through, to get to your skin! Use Sunscreen and Lotion!

• Lock the house when going out (YOU are responsible, if the house is left unlocked.)

• No Glass or China outside please, plastic is provided for your use outside.

• Thank you for not smoking inside the house.

• The upstairs Smoke Alarm may trip from cooking, small flying critters or condensation.

• Tile can be slippery when wet! Please be careful on the outside decks, if they are wet.

• Refer to the Aria Information manual for Hot Tub, TV, VCR, appliance, etc. instructions.

• Please shut windows and doors on the Coral Bay side when going out (keeps wind-blown rain out.)

• After the Beach, please rinse off feet outside (to avoid tracking sand into the house.)

• The use of 4 wheel drive is required in the driveway. Park at the top if uncertain of conditions.

• Trash goes in the dumpsters by the side of the roads.  The nearest is toward Cruz Bay, just past North Shore Road. (on R.)

• The Air Conditioners turn on with the wall switch below the unit.  The thermostat is pre-set on the AC unit.

• Some outside lights are controlled by motion detectors, when ON.  Turning the switch off makes them OFF. Turning the switch on, off, and back on within 2 seconds sets them to ON all night.

• Aria has a backup power system, in the event of failure of the local power company.  Please conserve power to prolong the time the backup will provide power to the refrigerator, water pump and lights.

• If you have any questions or concerns, or if you have a house-related emergency, please call the house manager, as they are on island.

We hope you have a wonderful visit! - The Guest Book is full of ideas for fun things to see and do.


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